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Telecrane F21-E2 ReceiverTelecrane F21-E2Compact Ergonomic Design - Safe / Durable / Reliable

  • CRC & Hamming Technology
  • Enhanced Encoding and Decoding
  • PLL Circuit - Multi-Channel Selection
  • Power-On by password option for authorized operation
  • A single step push-button working as double step
  • Buttons Grouping Option (for Customized Applications).
  • e-Card based device - plug and play.






F25 Series

F25-2S  /  2D  /  4S  /  4D  /  6S  /  6D  /  8S  /  8D  /  10S  /  10D

F25-60 Joystick Type

Telecrane F25-60 TxTelecrane F25-10TxIndustrial Design - Safe / Durable / Reliable

  • Microprocessor controlled  PLL synthesizer
  • Safe Reliable and Easy to Install and Use
  • FCC and Industry Canada Certified.
  • Durable Casing and Shock Resistant
  • Flexible to Setup and Customize for Variety of Applications
  • 160 Operational Channels - More than 4 Billion ID Codes
  • Built-in Alarm/Horn. No Need for Extra Warning Devices (8S/D & 10S/10D).
  • Pre-wired Standard Cable for Quick and Easy Receiver Installation.
  • Temperature range -40C  -  +85C
  • Operation Range Up to 110 Yards (About 100 Meters).






Telecrane F25 Series CopierTelecrane Software CD & USB CableFor F21-E2 and F25 Series

  • Software for function setup of remote controllers
  • Transmitter Protective Covers
  • Waist Strap (F25-60)
  • Program Copier
  • USB Interface Cable


F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D

F25-6-8-10 250x400 131KB

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Telecrane F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D


Telecrane F21 & F24 Series Transmitters

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 Telecrane Software CD & USB Cable

Software CD  &  USB Cable


Telecrane F25 Series Copier

F25 Series Program Copier (U)


Telecrane Transmitter Protective Cover (Long)

Transmitter Protective Cover (8/10)


Telecrane Transmitter Protective Cover (Short)

Transmitter Protective Cover (2/4/6)